Dal Bhat Power 24 Hour: Meri Junkiri

Dal Bhat Thali

Four hours, you know, we walked for four hours, and you end up with something you weren’t expecting. This is what is called “Expectation vs Reality.” Six of us hiked all the way from Godawari to Lakuri Bhanjyang, Lalitpur. With hungry stomachs, not having a proper breakfast, we asked for food, and the Chef said, “You guys have to wait for a 90 minutes for Yummy Dal Bhat.” One of our friends wanted to have Local Chicken with Dal Bhat and asked for the Chef. She said, “Definitely, but it’ll cost Rupees 3,500.” We don’t mind.

“नबे मिनट, नबे मिनट हैं तुम्हारे पास, शायद तुम्हारी ज़िंदगी के सबसे ख़ास नबे मिनट। आज तुम अच्छा बनाअवो या बुरा, ये नबे मिनट तुम्हें ज़िन्दगी भर याद रहेंगे।“

90 Minutes

Ninety minutes, you have ninety minutes, perhaps the most special ninety minutes of your life. Today, whether you perform well or poorly, these ninety minutes will be remembered throughout your life. Inspired by Shah Rukh Khan’s motivational speech to his hockey team before the final match in the movie “Chak De India,” my friend attempted to provide inspiration, although in a different manner. Throughout these 90 minutes, we savored beer, Tongba, and a few snacks.

नाखौं भने दिनभरीको सिकार, खाउं भने कञ्चा बाउको अनुहार।

Suddenly, the old man arrived with Red Live Rooster (रातो भाले). “Sir, is this suitable for lunch?” Mr. Thapa expressed his interest in butchering the Red Rooster, but the old man rejected his proposal.

Even Monalisa Witnessed this Demonstration

The Taste of Nepal

Dal Bhat, a traditional Nepali dish, permeates every corner of Nepal and is favored by the Nepalese people twice daily. After a 90-minute wait, the chef presented us with the country’s signature dish, Dal Bhat. The plate showcased a harmonious blend of rice, lentil soup, gundruk, fresh seasonal vegetables and salad, curd, papad, ghee, and, last but not least, Nepali local chicken.

Every bite transported us into the heart of Nepal, where organic and authentic flavors melded on the plate. All six of us considered ourselves fortunate to partake in this lunch experience.

Basanta Shrestha delightedly enjoyed the meal with his hands, savoring the red chili and rich flavors. Devraj Limbhu described it as “Beyond Expectation,” Dr. Dinesh Shrestha expressed his happiness about hanging out in this place and relishing the delicious food, Sachin Thapa labeled it as “Organic,” and Shankar Chauhan identified the food’s authenticity.

Short Funny Video During Dal Bhat

Our experience with Chef’s Nepali Dal Bhat went beyond just a meal; it turned into a brief but significant exploration of Nepal’s diverse and rich culinary traditions, leaving a lasting impression in the memories.

Meri Junkiri Gaule Bhancha Ghar

If you find yourself near Lakuri Bhanjyang, Lalitpur, and have plenty of time, order Dal Bhat at the “Meri Junkiri” restaurant. Allow the chef enough time to prepare and wait for the best food. Contact numbers are: 9818168537, 9818945402, 9848742112, 9803656831.

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    1. I can understand how tempting it must be to read about Nepali Dal Bhaat while being far away! The flavors and imagery can be quite enticing. Hopefully, you’ll get a chance to enjoy a delicious Nepali meal firsthand soon.

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