Yomari Delight: Exploring the Culinary Riches of Newari Cuisine


योमरी च्वाम्मु उक्के दुने चाकु | ब्युमा ल्यासेय मब्युमा बुरि

(Yomaris is pointed, and the filling is sweet. | If you give me bread, you are pretty; if not, you are ugly.)

The Newar community in Nepal cherishes the Yomari delicacy, which consists of a steamed dumpling with a rice flour outer layer and sweet fillings such as Chaku or Khuwa. This culinary gem isn’t just a treat; it’s a cultural cornerstone in Newa Society, stealing the spotlight at the Yomari Punhi Festival.

In the past, people primarily consumed Yomari during the Yomari Punhi festival and special occasions like children’s birthdays until the age of 12. Back then, we would hear requests like, “Hey, Yomari festival is coming, please make a few Yomari for us too” from the non-Newar community.

However, these days, Yomari has blossomed into one of the beloved Newari dishes and features on the menus of several restaurants in the Kathmandu Valley known for serving Newari cuisine. According to data from Nandini Food Court, they sell a minimum of 300 yomaris per day. During the Yomari festival, there are queues forming outside the restaurant.

Yomari Punhi is celebrated in the month of December on the day when the moon is flaunting its fullest glow.

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  1. Honestly, I’ve never really been able to savour Yomari properly. Everytime I’ve gone out for Newari food, I’m already stuffed by desert time. Next time I’ll start with Yomari!

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