My Hiking Adventure with ‘Hike for Nepal’ in Banepa-Goshaithan-Chandeshwori-Golcha


Eager to hike with a big group of strangers and excited about encountering new faces and shared adventures on the trail, I actively sought the opportunity to forge connections, exchange stories, and experience the hike through the unique perspectives of fellow hikers. In January 2024, I enthusiastically secured my spot for another adventurous hike organized by the ‘Hike for Nepal’ group.

After completing my morning rituals, I proceeded to Bhirkutimandap, where our bus awaited us. Our journey started from Bhirkutimandap to Banepa, offering various trail options, including rough roads, old trails, or creating our path. We began at Reiyukai Eiko Masunaga Eye Hospital in Banepa-6. After a 30-minute uphill walk, we reached Goshaithan Temple, followed by Goshaithan Hill View Tower in another 15 minutes. Many of us climbed the stairs to the view tower to enjoy a better perspective of the scenery. Unfortunately, due to the weather, glimpses of the mountains were elusive. The summit of Goshaithan Hill stands at an altitude of approximately 1700 meters above sea level.

The group paused for breakfast, sharing small tidbits and engaging in conversation. Naturally, we also took the opportunity to pose for photographs. Following the break, we descended towards Chandeshwori Temple, known for its tall three-tiered structure constructed in the 17th century. Navigating trails through the jungle and local villages, we made our way to Chandeshwori Temple.

“नमस्ते, तपाईंहरूलाई बनेपा चाँदेश्वरी मन्दिरमा स्वागत छ।” The ‘Banepa-Chapleti Morning Walk Group‘ welcomed us at the entrance of Banepa Chandeshwari Temple. It was a pleasant surprise for us. Inside the temple, they greeted us by offering tika and sagun individually. They organized a small program, and we relished sagun (Egg, Bara, Fish, and Aaila). In Newari culture, ‘Sagun’ involves exchanging blessings and good wishes in a religious manner. It was a surprising program for all of us, but we thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to express my gratitude to the Banepa-Chapleti Morning Walk Group.

After spending nearly 45 minutes at Chandeshwari Temple, we proceeded to Golcha, following a trail through the village and jungle. We gathered somewhere in the jungle for lunch, opened our backpacks, shared lunches, and connected with strangers. Sharing food experiences became an interesting way to bond with fellow hikers. We captured memorable moments with photographs during our journey. In the meantime, a few hikers from non-Newar communities mentioned that the Newar community is known for making better food with a wide variety of flavors, sparking a conversation about the culinary richness of different cultures.

After lunch, we continued our journey, and after another hour, we arrived at the bus park. There, we boarded a bus and returned to Kathmandu.

Hike for Nepal‘ organized a safe and enjoyable experience led by Mr. Santosh, an experienced guide. They efficiently managed transportation and thoughtfully planned itineraries, offering a mix of adventure and relaxation, covering key attractions for a fulfilling journey.

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