Five key tips for new trekkers before they start their Journey


Hope. Fear. Excitement. Experiencing these emotions marked my first trek. As I set out for my initial trek, the unknown loomed before me. I understand the feeling of embarking on this journey with a mind brimming with questions, anxieties, and concerns. Therefore, if you’re a newcomer to trekking and seek advice for preparation, here are five essential tips that I would offer to help you steer clear of some of the mistakes I made in the beginning.

  1. Bag Pack: Avoid the temptation to bring more than what you truly need “just in case.” Pack only the essentials and keep it light. Prioritizing only the necessary items not only reduces your physical load but also streamlines your travel experience, making it more efficient and hassle-free.
  2. Don’t be Scared, You’re not Alone: Taking the leap into the unknown may feel intimidating, but keep in mind: you’re not the first person to trek or discover a new trail. If others have done it, you can too. You possess the same capabilities as anyone else. The most challenging part is already behind you – the decision to go. Wherever your journey takes you, you’ll find fellow trekkers who can become your friends, offering advice, tips, and assistance. They will guide you, direct you, and serve as your mentors on the trail.
  3. Be Adventurous: Trekking often involves exploring unfamiliar terrain. Embrace the unknown, and be open to new experiences and challenges. Break free from routine and challenge yourself. Trekking provides an opportunity to test your limits and discover strengths you never knew you had. Immerse yourself in the natural surroundings. Be adventurous by appreciating the beauty of the environment and the serenity it offers.
  4. Walk Slowly at Your Pace: Walk slowly at your pace for comfort, mindfulness, and fatigue prevention. Enjoy the journey, capture moments, adapt to altitude, and savor interactions.
  5. Go with the Flow: Reduce stress in trek by staying flexible. Embrace spontaneity, plan a few activities, and savor surprises. Be the master of your journey, adapt plans freely, and allow time for adjustment before making significant decisions.

Enjoy Your Trek!

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