Ting Tong, I received a message on Facebook Messenger from my Trekking Group. It said, “Hey guys, let’s go for a hike this coming Friday, hai?” It had been over a year since I had embarked on such an adventurous journey, primarily due to prior commitments. The idea of a short hike during the monsoon season seemed absolutely crazy, and I couldn’t believe I was considering it. With Jiswan and Sujan, this marks our fourth tour together, yet we rarely communicate outside of these adventures. Prabhani, the newest member, joined this hike with us.

The destination of our upcoming trek is from Telkot to Todi Jharana via Bojini Daam, located in the Nagarkot Area. This trail has been gaining popularity among travelers due to TikTok videos.

In the early morning, I woke up to find no sound of rain. I checked the sky to see if it was going to rain, but it was a clear, blue sky. “Congratulations, Gautam,” it seemed like there would be no rain. Soon after, my friend Sujan called me, saying, “Hello Gautam Dai, we are at the North Gate, please come out.” Jiswan picked us up in her White Hyundai Creta. After a few hours, we reached Telkot. As I always say, in Nepal, every time is Tea Time. We jokingly shouted, “Chiya Khayera Matra Jau” (Let’s go only after having tea) – that’s our little ritual, HAHAHA.

Originally, the plan was to hike from Telkot to Tudo Waterfall and then return to Telkot. However, there was a twist in the plan, and we decided to take a new route. The new route would be from Telkot to the New Suspension Bridge (Rani Zhulaa), then to Bojini Damm (Pond), Rani Zhulaa again, Tudi Jharana (Waterfall), Rani Jharana, Muhaan Pokhari, back to Telkot, and finally, back home. Everyone was thrilled about this new plan, even though we only had a 5-minute discussion on whether to go or not.

After walking for 2 hours on the hiking route from Telkot, we reached the New Suspension Bridge (Rani Zhulaa), bypassing a beautiful pine forest. It was an easy path. We stayed there for 15 minutes for photographs. “Gautam Dai, Check the money behind your legs,” Sujan shouted. Wow, I got 25 rupees. With that money, I bought a bottle of water even though I added 5 rupees more. After a few short videos and pictures, we headed towards Bojini Damm. Aaaahhhaaa! A big shout came from Jiswan as she leaped from one corner of the road to another, just like Spiderman. Everyone asked, “What happened? What happened?” She pointed her finger towards the corner of the road, and there we saw it – an ornament of Lord Shiva, a snake (NAAGRAAJ). Our first reaction was, “Oh Snake?” But instead of being scared of the innocent 4ft long snake, we couldn’t help but enjoy Jiswan’s expressions and act. It was quite a funny and memorable moment for all of us. We enjoyed Naagin rather than that Naag.

After a two-hour hike, Bojini Damm wasn’t worth it. But we enjoyed the hike. After spending half an hour, we reached back to Rani Zhulaa for Tudi Jharana (Viral Waterfall). After walking for 3 hours in the summer heat, the waterfall was a refreshing sight. The water splashes and cools you down, making you feel happy and relaxed. It’s like a natural reward for your hard walk, and the sound of the water is like a peaceful song. Taking pictures and videos in the waterfall with different poses guided by Jiswan and Prabhani, a relaxing pose on a stone suggested by Sujan, and finding a calm meditation pose invented by Gautam, we enjoyed the peaceful scene mixed with exciting adventure.

After this adventure, we had lunch that we brought in our backpacks and headed to the next waterfall, Rani Jharana, and Muhaan Pokhari. We spent very little time at Rani Jharana and Muhaan Pokhari because they weren’t as impressive as Tudi Jharana. It was already late, so we headed back home without having dinner.

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  1. Oh! Wow that seems quite an experience, and a great adventure with interesting gang ! Short but sweet memories that you have created for lifetimeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Haha finally you marked me nagin here too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it was such a short sweet and good adventure with your lots jokes and laughs
    Look forward to do more adventures with you all again. See you soon my adventure partners πŸ˜€πŸ’š.

    Till then swastha rahanusa for next adventure πŸ˜€.

    See ya

  3. was a short but a fun hike, nice to finally catch up after so long! hopefully the next adventure isn’t that far away haha

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