Discovering Bishnudwar: A Family Hike to Bishnumati River’s Source



Once upon a time, my family and a few cherished friends embarked on a two-day hiking adventure to Chisapani. I had doubts about whether my 6yo daughter enjoyed the hike, but we completed it together. She walked with us for nearly 15 hours over those two days. Hearing her say, “Let’s hike again next week,” was something I truly cherished. This same enthusiasm manifested during my birthday in December 2022.


On that particular day, we set out on a journey from Kathmandu, driving to the Green Valley Resort nestled within the scenic confines of Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. Upon our arrival at the resort, we safely parked our vehicle and began our hiking. I am setting out on a hike with my brother-in-law and his wife for the very first time. Prior to the hike, I purchased four entrance tickets for Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. The cost of these tickets has significantly increased recently, with each ticket now priced at 125 Nepali Rupees.

Our hiking plan was simple and delightful, so we opted for Bishnudwar as our destination. Bishnudwar serves as the source of the Bishnumati River, a significant waterway in Kathmandu with deep religious significance. The name “Bishnumati” translates to “beloved of Lord Vishnu,” and this river holds sacred importance for both Hindus and Buddhists alike.

We started our journey at 9:30. We know it’s about two hours walk. The trail to Bishnudwar was not for the faint of heart, but it was perfect for a first timer or a lazy hiker. First half of the trail was straight road no hurdles, but we found ourselves in awe of the natural beauty that surrounded us. These first-timers found the uphill section of the trail in the second half tiring.


The beauty of the greenery of pine trees lies in their lush and vibrant appearance, and what made it even better was the waterfall. As my daughter gathers pinecones from the trails, we can view it as a simple yet charming act that adds a personal touch to the hiking experience. It allows the child to connect with nature by collecting natural souvenirs and creates a sense of wonder and exploration. She diligently places all the pinecones she gathers into my bag, thoroughly enjoying the process. With a smile, I affectionately call her “Baby” and gently suggest, “It’s enough for now, baby.”

Upon our arrival at Bishnudwar, the sight of the wooden bridge took us aback. We strolled across it, we dipped our fingers into the crystal-clear waters and eagerly capturing photographs. My brother-in-law skillfully snapped shots from various angles, while his wife and my daughter was engrossed in striking different poses. I also contributed a few poses for the camera.

We offer prayer at this holy site. Walking inside the cave was another intriguing part of this hike. I opened the flashlight on my mobile phone, but suddenly I slipped and scratched my mobile. Thankfully, nothing happened to me. The sense of accomplishment was exhilarating, but it was the love and care we had for each other that truly made this adventure unforgettable. After spending some memorable time at Bishnudwar, we finally headed back to the resort, retracing the same path we had taken earlier.

“Papa, I’m exhausted, I can’t walk”

“Papa, I’m exhausted, I can’t walk,” she exclaimed, and I assumed she was in discomfort after over two hours of hiking. I promptly carried her on my back to ensure her comfort and ease the journey back. Later, I discovered she was only joking. We still wonder about the speed at which my brother-in-law captured photos and videos during that incident. But revisiting those images always brings back the joy of that moment.

After our hike, we treated ourselves to a delightful lunch at Green Valley Resort. While the meal was generally satisfying, the Momos were a letdown, making it a disappointing culinary experience.

The journey to Bishnudwar was more than just a hike; it was a voyage of the heart, one that we would cherish for a lifetime.

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