Hike for a Cause – Nagarkot to Changu Narayan Hike


Cock-a-doodle-doo “कुखुरीका”

The ladies at the front of the bus greeted every new hiker with a booming “Good Morning!” that could wake the dead. But for us in the back, it was pure comedy. The cheerful welcomes continued until even the grumpiest faces cracked a smile. And so it continued, stop after stop, with each new hiker receiving the same loud welcome until even the most patient among us couldn’t help but crack a smile.

Local Breakfast

My philosophy is straightforward: whenever you travel, indulge in the local cuisine. I had anticipated just that, but to my surprise, the Tourism Sisterhood Nepal Association (TSNA) team had supplied breakfast boxes inside the bus. They offered vegetarian breakfast for those who preferred it and non-vegetarian options for others.

Hot Yoga

Before heading out on the hiking trails, a hot yoga instructor led the hikers in a series of stretching exercises. With the sun shining down, everyone followed along, feeling their muscles loosen up and their energy levels rise. It was the perfect way to prepare for the adventure ahead, ensuring that everyone was flexible and ready to tackle the hike with enthusiasm.

Hiking from Nagarkot to Telkot

The hiking trail from Nagarkot to Telkot didn’t offer much excitement as most of it followed a motorable road. Although there were a few hiking paths available, our guide directed us to take the road instead. Forty-six hikers spread out into various groups, with some moving swiftly, others at a faster pace, and some proceeding more slowly, while a few lagged behind considerably. A handful of us got lost along the way. Eventually, we reached Buddha Park and waited for all members to gather. We enjoyed taking a few group photos and treating ourselves to ice cream before continuing our journey towards Telkot for a traditional Dal Bhat, which we reached after two hours.

मासुमा झोल मात्र छ, मासु खोइ त?

After a three-hour trek, our motivation was set on Dal Bhat. As we queued up for food, the collective sentiment turned to disappointment. Hungry stomachs grumbled as we waited, echoing the cries of “Where’s the meat? Is this just watery gravy?” With no proper breakfast and dwindling patience, the food turned out to be nothing short of pathetic.

Telkot to Changu Hike

A small group of hikers had decided to take a taxi back home due to some body aches, while some had taken private vehicles to Changu because they were unable to walk further. However, the majority of us had chosen to stick together and continue hiking until we reached Changu Narayan. The hike from Telkot to Changu Narayan through the jungle had been a thrilling adventure, far more exhilarating than the previous one. It had taken us two hours to reach Changu Narayan from Telkot. Some of the hikers had decided to follow the tour guide and had walked along the motorable road, while others, like our group, had opted for the more adventurous shortcut trail through the jungle. The sense of unity and shared adventure motivated us, and together we conquered the trail, arriving at our destination with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Humanitarian Cause

Every year, TSNA organized hikes for various social causes. Last year, they provided a scholarship program at Public Youth Campus. After deducting their expenses from the two thousand rupees collected from each hiker, a certain percentage of the profit went towards humanitarian projects. That was the reason I joined these strangers.

Suspect to Prospect Hiking Partners

Few known faces were present, but there were more unknown faces. However, as the hike came to an end, some of the strangers became potential hiking partners for future hikes.

Bring Back Your Trash

While the trail remains clean and tidy, I humbly request all individuals, “Please carry out your trash. You don’t need to clean or pick up trash, but simply carry your trash back with you. If everyone takes responsibility for their waste, we won’t need to worry about garbage.”

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