Sharing Experiences: A Look into My Rotary Story as a Facilitator


It has been an exact span of seven years since I embarked on my journey as a Rotarian, and today, I stand as a proud member of this esteemed organization. As the Rotary Year 2024-25 unfolds, I find myself entrusted with the roles of District Directory and GML Publication Chair. The genesis of this responsibility occurred one morning when District Governor-Elect Rotarian Rajendra Man Sherchan summoned me, affirming, “Gautam, you are to participate in the AGLS/DTLS, and there is a session awaiting your facilitation.”

On the 24th and 25th of February 2024, 100+ attendees took part in the Assistant Governor Learning Seminar and District Team Learning Seminar (AGLS/DTLS) at Hotel Pokhara Grand, Nepal. This marks my debut as a facilitator for the District Directory and GML Publication session, presenting before an esteemed audience comprising Assistant Governors, Committee Chairs, members of the Council of Governors, and fellow Rotarians. Ten minutes is the time allotted for me, and District Learning Facilitator (DLF) 2024-2025 IPDG Jitendra Bahadur Rajbhandary is taking care of timekeeping.

“Seventy minutes; you have seventy minutes, perhaps the most special seventy minutes of your life. Today, whether you perform well or poorly, these seventy minutes will be remembered throughout your life.” These resounding words, echoed by Shah Rukh Khan in the Bollywood movie “Chak De India,” have always encouraged my spirits, and I know how to utilize my ten minutes.

The Governor’s Monthly Letter (GML) Publication Committee serves as the nexus among all Rotary Clubs and other District Committees. Having previously served as a Co-Chair of this committee, I collected invaluable insights from both the positive and negative of the role. Armed with these experiences, I devoted numerous hours to deliberating on the optimal structure for my presentation, ensuring comprehensive understanding for all participants without the need for inquiries.

In conclusion, I seamlessly integrated questions posed by Rotarians during my tenure as Co-Chair into every slide of my presentation. ‘Where,’ ‘When,’ ‘How,’ and ‘Why’ are the key elements that steer my presentation, ensuring it stays clear and purposeful.

The presentation proceeded smoothly, although with a lingering sense of nervousness on my part. Despite the nerves, I managed to deliver the content effectively. As I reached the conclusion, I wrapped up with a heartfelt “Thank You.” I was surprised when the DLF 2024-25 IPDG Jitendra Bahadur Rajbhandary praised me for ending my presentation exactly at the assigned 10-minute mark, highlighting my precise timing.

Jaya Rotary

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