The Infamous Selfie Stone in Dhulikhel


“You don’t even know ‘कुवाको भगुता,’ the place I mentioned. You claimed to be in Dhulikhel so many times, and yet you’re unaware of it.” This is what my friend Chandra said a few years ago.

One beautiful morning, Chandra gave me a call and said, “Come and pick me up, I’ll show you this place.” I was eagerly looking forward to taking some pictures at the famous selfie stone.

Selfie Stone

A massive stone, standing upright in its natural state, serves as a favorite location for people to capture memorable photographs. This perfectly angled rock frames the breathtaking panorama of the Himalayas, lush green hills, and charming settlements, providing an ideal opportunity to preserve cherished memories.

Search for it on Google, and you’ll discover numerous incredible and stunning photos of people atop the selfie stone. Some of them may even be hanging from this stone; if your grip slips, you’ll be descending a hundred meters.

Hiking to Kali Temple through the Hajar Sidi (1000 Steps of Stairs / हजार सिडी)

To hike to Kali Temple, dedicated to the Goddess Kali, the embodiment of destruction and power, you must ascend the 1000 steps of Hajar Sidi. The place is named Hajar Sidi because it signifies reaching the hilltop by ascending a thousand concrete steps. Well-maintained stone steps wind through the lush hills, offering a rewarding climb.

As I counted, starting like a child, one, two, ten, and then a few hundred, I grew convinced it would indeed be 1000 steps. On a clear day, you can be treated to mesmerizing mountain views, such as Gaurishanker, from this vantage point. The temple itself is a small shrine situated atop a substantial concrete building. However, the temple alone may not be of significant interest.

Expectation vs Reality

Near the temple, you’ll discover the famous selfie stone. When you go to a place you’ve seen in lots of pictures, what you expect might not match what you actually find. I thought the place would be as stunning as it looked in the photos, so I was excited to go. However, it turned out to be different from what I imagined.

Especially on weekends and holidays, it can get more crowded than you’d think. In the end, while photos can shape your expectations, it’s important to approach such trips with an open mind and a readiness to appreciate the unique and imperfect aspects of the real experience.

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