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I recently visited the “Macramé Love” office of Reecha Palikhe, an entrepreneur. I had the pleasure of observing a delightful group of girls participating in the “Basic Macramé Training Program” during my morning visit. This marked her 18th training workshop, and it was truly enjoyable to witness the creative process of crafting beautiful things.

Her mother and grandmother, like many women of those generations, did have the skills of crafting several things. However, what Reecha observed was that they would only take those up as chores rather than as a hobby or something for their own pleasure and relaxation. The skills and craftsmanship women (mostly) had were sidelined and not recognized as anything special, leaving the women/men not so proud of their works.

Reecha herself has been very much into arts and crafts since early childhood. Nonetheless, it always intrigued her as to why these skill sets were not looked upon as careers or anything valuable. She wanted to never give up on handiwork, regardless of making it a career or not, as she found these activities to be very relaxing and providing the solace one seeks in the fast-paced world. Fortunately, we can safely say that societies around the world now look up to arts and crafts as either a precious skill set or a fine hobby for one to have. Reecha’s journey into macramé commenced as a hobby in 2016, and over the few years, this pastime evolved into her full-fledged profession.

Macramé, a textile art, is crafted through knotting techniques rather than traditional weaving or knitting. Historians trace the origins of macramé back to 13th-century Arab weavers, where it initially emerged as an art form. The craft later found its way to Europe, brought by sailors navigating the high seas.

Established in 2022, Macramé Love is a vibrant and youthful business with a current focus on three key aspects: Training, Supplies, and Product Creation.

The current training emphasis is on Macramé-related skills, with customers enjoying the enjoyable aspect of the DIY workshops and training concepts. Additionally, upcoming workshops will offer creative, craft activities designed for individuals to enjoy good times with new acquaintances or friends.

Macramé Love supplies are available through various channels, including the Macramé Love Shop, Daraz Online Store, and Instagram. The offerings include a wide range of supplies for Macramé and other crafts and art.

The products primarily follow a “made-to-order” approach, emphasizing the unique touch of each artisan. The business avoids bulk orders to maintain the heartfelt essence of handmade items, ensuring customers receive distinct and personalized creations.

Handmade toys are eco-friendly as they are crafted from natural, renewable materials with minimal machinery, reducing the carbon footprint. Each handmade toy is one-of-a-kind, designed to showcase the natural beauty of the materials. Handmade items carry a sense of heart and soul.

From my observations, I’ve learned that Macramé is a craft where beginners can quickly excel—from having no experience in Macramé to creating something they can take pride in, all within just a few hours.

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